Password change

Creating Passwords


Passwords should be:

  • 8 characters minimum (however, a longer passphase is recommended)
  • At least one non-letter
  • Changed at least once per year


  • Don't use anything obvious like a name, a dictionary word in any language, a password used on another site, or a password you've used before
  • Don't write passwords down and leave them unsecured anywhere
  • Never disclose or share your password with ANYONE.

If someone demands to know your password, refuse and refer them to the IT Services Helpdesk for advice.
If you suspect that one of your accounts or passwords has been compromised then you must report this to the IT Helpdesk.

TIP: One way to create passwords that can be easily remembered is to base them on a song title or phrase. For example, the phrase: "This May Be One Way To Remember" could be used to create the password:


A passphrase is a longer version of a password and should, therefore, be more secure.

A passphrase is typically composed of multiple words. 
A good passphrase should be:

  • Long enough to be hard to guess
  • Easy to remember and type accurately
  • Not a famous quotation from literature or other published material